Monday, August 06, 2012

The Times and the Common Core Standards: Reading Strategies for 'Informational Text' -

The Times and the Common Core Standards: Reading Strategies for 'Informational Text' -

Here are suggestions for making The Times a low-stress part of your classroom routine, followed by literacy strategies to help address the Standards beforeduring, and after reading Times content with your students.

here are some of our favorite techniques:
The One-Pager:
Almost any student can find a “way in” with this strategy, which involves reacting to a text by creating one page that shows an illustration, question and quote that sum up some key aspect of what a student learned. Here are directions for the strategy, and here are ways we’ve used it to learn about the role of dopamine, to consider America’s role in the world and think about Kurt Vonnegut’s body of work.

Graphic Organizers:
More from our Great Ideas for Any Day’s Times collection, here are some fun ways students can summarize, analyze and react to what they’ve just read:

“The Future of Reading” and “Beyond the Book Report”
We’ve published two posts that can augment the ideas on this page:
In Considering the Future of Reading: Lessons, Links and Thought Experiments, we suggest inquiry ideas for looking at how reading, readers and books are being impacted by technology.
And in Beyond the Book Report, we new suggest ways for students to respond to literature using New York Times models.

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